How To Buy Good Kitchen Knives

Tips to Buy Good Kitchen Knife with Best Quality. Having a good kitchen knife is definitely the dream of every housewife, let alone a reliable chef or just a cook. By using the best quality knives, of course, your kitchen work becomes easier and faster to finish your kitchen work.

Knives are one of the kitchen tools that must be in your kitchen. Everyone who wants to cook certainly needs a knife. However, the Mother often complains that the knife is easily rusty and not sharp anymore. This is really annoying to Duma’s best friend! In order to avoid this, you should refer to the following tips from the World of Cooking before choosing a knife.

Tips for Choosing the Right Knife to buy

Kitchen Knife Material

Kitchen knives have different ingredients. Different materials, of course, different characteristics, ranging from sharpness, resistance to corrosion and how to treat it.

  • High Carbon Stainless Steel

Kitchen knives that are either made of steel or a mixture of steel with carbon commonly called stainless steel high carbon. This knife is sharp and resistant to rust. Initially, this knife was only used by professional chefs, but now it is widely available for household use.

  • Stainless Steel

Separate the kitchen with steel only (no mixture of carbon), resistant to rust but less sharp characteristics. Stainless steel blades look glossy, when they look less glossy, meaning they are more prone to rust.

  • Ceramics

Nowadays there are many knives with ceramic materials. This type of knife is very hard and resistant to rust. But its weakness, this knife is easily broken if not handled properly.

  • Plastic

Apart from the ingredients above, there are also knives made of plastic. Usually, this knife is used to cut foods that do not require sharp knife characters such as cutting fruit, vegetables or soft cakes.

  • Blade Material

Choose a stainless steel knife. Stainless steel blades are not easy to rust and easy to clean. Enough with the tools to wash the stainless steel knives will look like they just returned.

Pay attention to the Blade Order

Choose a lightweight knife handle to be comfortable for you to use. You should avoid handles from wood. Because this wood material will be easily separated from the blade. You should choose a knife handle from a non-slippery texture. This aims to avoid the blade being released when your hands are wet.

Pay attention to Blade Straightness

After buying a knife, you must carefully examine whether or not the knife blade. This is very important because it will affect the results of the pieces of ingredients you cook Duma friends! A good knife results in straight cuts in the direction of pressure. You can check your knife by looking at the knife with the tip straight ahead, peeking right from behind the handle of the knife. If the tip of the knife isn’t visible then your knife is completely straight. But if the tip or even the body of the knife is visible, the results of the cut will be slanted.

The Edge of the Knife

Choose the pointed tip model & the blade slightly curves upwards. This model knife is very suitable for slicing vegetables or onions. The blade is swung up and down resting on the curve. You can also slice using the tip of the knife while pressing it on the cutting board & shift it backward, the result is faster & neater with an almost uniform thickness. In addition, you must choose a knife that is wide enough and thick, because it can be used to flatten the onion.

Know “How to Take Care and Clean Blades”

As good as any knives if not cared for, it will quickly break down, especially the meat knife. Blunt faster than vegetable or fruit knife.

Clean the knife after use then dry it immediately. This aims to prevent the arrival of fungi or bacteria on the knife.

For daily use, just wash it thoroughly using soap and clean water after use, but if you want to keep it for a long time, after washing it should only spread thin cooking oil. Wrap the knife blade tightly with a cloth then store it in a safe place.

After applying a few tips before buying a knife, you should keep the knife durable. To keep the knife sharp and durable, use the middle and dry the cloth immediately after getting wet stains.

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