How To Buy Concealer For The First Time

Concealer is one of the keys to makeup that serves to cover striped skin, brighten skin tone, restore striped skin color, disguise blemishes, disguise pigmentation marks, and others. Not only that, but concealer is also effective for disguising black spots on the area around the eyes, or what we usually know with pandas.

A good quality concealer is able to blend with the skin easily or perfectly without being seen if we are using one of the cosmetics.

Before we find out more about what concealer is, do you know what are the benefits we get from this concealer? Of course, the answer is to beautify our appearance or make our appearance more attractive, but what are the benefits here? Instead of being curious, let’s see this one!

How to buy concealer for the first time And Tips for Choosing a Concealer

Gives the impression of glamor on the face

Yup, it’s no secret that concealer gives glamor to the face in a very easy way, which is applying it to the cheekbones, lip lines, or to the midline of the nose. When applying concealer, we can also add the application of bronzer which is very certainly also effective for adding glamor to the face and easy to use.

Increase the volume of eyebrows

Who wants to enhance your appearance? Of course, some of us must answer yes, no one can refuse to be more beautiful or attractive. Concealer is one of the makeup that can enhance our appearance, but who would have thought concealer could be used to increase eyebrow volume?

Getting this one benefit from concealer is also very easy, namely by drawing eyebrows first then applying concealer under the eyebrows, starting from the innermost part to the tip of the eyebrows.

Sharpen lip color

Not only has many benefits for the facial area, but concealer can also be used for makeup base on the lips and eyes. How to use concealer for this one thing is also very easy, namely by applying concealer first evenly on the lip area then applying lipstick afterward.

The color of our lips will look more attractive and prettier with just the addition of concealer.

Strengthen eye makeup

Not only serves to smooth the face, but concealer is also very effective to reinforce the shape of the eye aka reinforce makeup on the eyes which actually follows the current trend. To use concealer on this one thing is very easy, namely by applying concealer to the midline of the eyelid and then making a line following the eye bending then we can use eyeshadow according to our needs and tastes.

Choose the right shade

Choosing concealer shades or colors is the most important tips because this certainly affects our appearance later. To make your face look brighter or more white, it’s a good idea to use or choose a shade that is brighter or lighter than our skin color. But on the contrary, if we want to cover up stains or scars and pigmentation on the face, it helps us to choose shades that are darker than our skin color which of course serves to make the skin tone of our face look natural.

Test concealer

Concealer is one of the cosmetics that must be tested before we are really sure to buy it because often this product does not provide a guarantee to be returned for whatever reason. Then, how do we test concealer? Of course, the method is very easy, namely by trying it first in the area of ​​the hand or face-first which is usually available in the trial products at certain makeup outlets.

Another thing that needs to be considered at this point is to try it in a room with enough light to avoid color selection. We can also ask the opinion of brand ambassadors to find out which shade is most suitable for our skin color. It’s also a good idea to choose a concealer with a mineral pigment color that is safer and more moisturizing than a concealer with a dye-based color that can actually cause dry skin.

Avoid certain colors

As we discussed earlier, concealer has a variety of shades and that is why we must be careful in choosing the shade so that the color can blend well with our skin color so that our makeup looks natural. But do you know there are certain shading that we should avoid so we can get satisfying results in applying makeup?

Yup, we should avoid shading white or pink as both shadings it actually makes the color of our skin looks pale. Conversely, yellow concealer is the best color because it can cover panda eyes to the maximum. For those of us who are blessed with black skin, it’s good to choose a concealer with yellow shading that tends to be orange so that the color is not too excessive but is still effective to make the face look brighter.

Test its durability

Tips for choosing the next concealer is to test its durability. Why? Yup, after knowing what shading we choose is not left behind to find out this one point. How to test the durability of concealer is very easy, namely by applying it to the wrist and then we wipe it with cotton or tissue. If the color disappears quickly, this means that the durability of this concealer is not very good and it’s good that we choose another concealer. In addition, it is also a good idea to choose a concealer texture that easily blends with our skin color and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Have more than one shading

It’s no secret if concealer has many colors and we have to choose the right shade so that the color can blend well with our skin color. But do you know how important it is to have several colors of concealer even when used at the same time?

Yup, we need or can use various colors of concealer as well as of course effective and attractive to use and beautify our appearance. For example, choosing colors tends to be yellow in the area around the eyes or choosing brown for the area around the cheek.

Determine the texture of the concealer

It’s not just the shade and endurance of concealer that we should pay attention to before deciding which one to buy concealer, but also about the texture. Yup, the tips for choosing the next concealer are about getting to know the texture which is, of course, the texture between one concealer and the other having their own uniqueness. For example, a liquid concealer that is very effective for lightening the skin that we can use on the area around the cheek. Different if we are going to use a concealer in the area around the eyes that is better, the texture is thicker and certainly more effective in making the face look smoother and brighter.

Knowing your skin color

Tips for choosing the concealer that we need to know next is actually the most basic thing in choosing makeup, which is knowing for sure about our skin color. Our own skin color can basically be dark or light and it is an obligation for us to choose the shading concealer that is closest to that color so that this makeup still looks natural when we use it.

In choosing shading concealer, we can compare the colors of the two areas in the body to choose the best shading, which is between the face and neck. The part around the neck has a lighter color while the parts of the face tend to be darker.

We can also test the concealer on the face first and then followed in the neck to make sure shading this one actually shading the best for us.

Now that are some tips for choosing a concealer that is certainly easy to remember and practice. Surely now no longer confused not to choose the right concealer? Surely there is no reason to be lazy to use makeup because dressing up is a very pleasant thing, let’s start pretty from now on!

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