How to burn a DVD on a Mac – Easy Steps To Follow

How to burn a DVD on a Mac

Burning in DVD means inputting of data permanently in that DVD. Once the operating system was Windows base, it was easy to burn any DVD as this operating system was an in-built blue-ray system. But this is not the case for Mac operating system. Nevertheless, there is still the time when you will necessary to burn the data CD or the DVD with the Mac system. The resulting DVD will be used on the Mac or Windows or the Linux based computers.

But the good news is that the burning of DVD on Mac will not be a matter of thing pretty soon as Apple has removed completely the optical driver from its new Mac Book or from its MacBook Air. Now when you prepare to burn a disc on Mac, a couple of scenarios will appear to you. These are

  • Burning of a data disc or an ISO image,
  • Burning of an audio CD or
  • Burning of a video DVD that will be played on a DVD player.

Depending on your task you need to complete, you need to use different software to burn the DVD on Mac system.

This article will tell you step-by-step how you will burn a DVD on multiple uses. Unfortunately, there are fewer choices with the Mac.

  1. Into your Mac drive insert a blank DVD. A window will appear.
  2. In this window you will find ‘Action Menu’, here select Open Finder.
  3. Now click on OK.
  4. ‘New Finder Window’ will appear and in the sidebar the blank DVD will appear.
  5. For coping the files & folders drag & drop them onto the DVD. Remember that you’re not moving them from the Hard Disk to the DVD.
  6. Click on the burn button when you are ready to create the disk.
  7. On the disk name field input a name for your DVD.
  8. Your Mac system will start burning when you press on Burn. You can watch the progress by watching the status window.
  9. After burning the finder will mount the disc.

You can eject the DVD or share the same with friends. The Burning DVD will run on any computer.

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