Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hoover WindTunnel

A vacuum keeps pollen, dirt and hair from storing up in your home and carpet, and if you are looking for vacuum cleaners, Hoover company specializes in them. They offer both bag-less and bagged vacuum cleaners that are upright as part of its Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner II series of vacuums. The Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with the WindTunnel 2 Technology, which aids in removing grime from your floor and traps it inside the vacuum. You will receive a warranty of one-year on all types of the Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2 series, and you can buy these vacuum cleaners from local retailers’ or online.

The Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2 upright bagless vacuums are ranging in price from approximately $170 to $220 since 2011 which is depend on its features. They come with pet hair removal tool and HEPA filters that are self-cleaning. For instance, the model U8341900 is equipped with 120-volt motor and a 31-foot cord a 12-amp. An attachment wand is found at the ending of the hose, which provides you with a reach of up to 12 feet.

Two bagged models are offered by Hoover: the UH30065 and U8311900. The UH30065 is at the price of $170 as of 2011 and the U8311900 is at the price of $260. The second model features are more, being the reason why it’s more costly. Both has a rewind cord system and the different features include dusting brush, on-board tools and a headlight. The U8311900 also features a 12-amp, 120-volt motor, and it comes with a crevice tool and a pet tool. The HEPA filter is found in UH30065, and a filter bag system is found with the U8311900. You can also read best corded handheld vacuum for stairs reviews and buying guides.


The Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2 comprehensive bag-less upright is priced at $340. The Being best vacuum cleaner comes with a Surface Command technology and a HEPA filter that self-cleans, which gives you the option to adjust the altitude of your vacuum for hard or bare floors. It also equipped with a DirtFinder technology, which lets you identify on your carpet an area that needs extra cleaning. This vacuum has a 12-amp motor, 31-foot cord and a 120-volt. It also has different tools, including the crevice tool, pet tool and upholstery brush.

Hoover Windtunnel Review

Hoover WindTunnel
Hoover WindTunnel

The Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2 Extra Reach bag-less, has a range cost from $170 to $300 since 2011. All of these model vacuums have headlights, pet hair tools and HEPA filters that self cleans, and you are able to adjust the altitude of the handle. The U8351900model comes with a 31-foot cord, 12-amp and a 120-volt motor. It has a 20 feet hose, and it also has the crevice tools, upholstery brush and turbo.

Surface Command

The Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2 Surface Command bagless cost $225 and $135 since 2011. They come with handles that adjusts its height and a HEPA filter that self cleans. These models feature the 12-amp, pet hair tools, Surface Command technology, 120-volt motors and they also feature headlights. The model U8361900 also has the upholstery wand and brush, and it has a 12-foot wand and hose reach. Its cord is 31-foot.

First In the year 2004 Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner was initiated for the purpose of cleaning the home. The best vacuum cleaner the Windtunnel is bag-less with several features to aids in keeping your house clean. Firstly, before you use, you would need to put together the handle. To get the best use of your Windtunnel, you need to follow accurate operating instructions.

Handle Attachment

The Hoover Windtunnel best vacuum cleaner body is packaged as a whole unit, excluding the handle which is going to need some attachment. Before you attach the handle, see to it that the power cord is disconnected from an electrical outlet. The piece of handle contains four screws that are packaged at the back of a piece of cardboard that is situated at the base of the handle.  Take out and dispose of the cardboard and put the screws safely to one side. The tool cover that is near the top of the vacuum cleaner needs to be opened, and then you are required to slide the body of the handle piece within the open slot. With the supplied screws and a Phillips screwdriver, secure the handles in place tightly. Lastly, the switch lock off that is plastic needs to be pulled off the power switch, this handle where the switch is can be found at the front,  then get rid of it


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