Home Security Cameras – Buying Tips You Should Know

A secure household is one of the most important things in today’s world where crime is constantly on the rise. After a hard day’s work when you return home, to your loved ones, you would definitely want to ensure that your time with your folks is not encroached upon by burglars or trespassers. Hence the demand for home security cameras has been on the rise to ensure the safety and security of the household.  Home security cameras are available in different types and chances are if you have been looking for the perfect one to secure your home you may be confused. With hundreds of brands flooding the market each claiming their product to be the best it may become difficult to choose; hence it is essential that you keep your specific requirements in mind.

Types of Home Security Cameras

Mostly these cameras are outdoor cameras that are used as surveillance cameras to alert the homeowners about trespassers. They can be of various types:

Motion Sensitive Home Security Cameras: These cameras get activated by infrared light patterns. They have an infrared spectrum and any movement within that spectrum will trigger the camera into action.  The action could be floodlights getting switched on, or sounding an alarm, though some more expensive models send the signal directly to your alarm company.  However the photo-sensors of these motion sensitive home security cameras needs to be preset so as to make sure that a stray animal does not activate the alarm, but  a human does.

Night Vision Home Security Cameras:  These cameras also work on infrared sensors but nis a notch above the motion sensitive cameras. While they can only sense motion and send an alarm accordingly, night vision cameras use infrared technology to put together a high resolution image of whatever is moving within its infrared spectrum, even in the absence of light. These cameras use the thermal imaging technology and are very effective.

Hidden Home Security Cameras: Some people like to resort to hidden cameras where the presence of the surveillance camera is not obvious. These are usually hidden cameras that may look like any regular object outside the door. Infact a potted plant could double up as a hidden home security camera, or a pinhole camera fitted in the intercom system would also do the job.

Home Security Cameras – Few Pointers That You Should Keep in Mind

All home security cameras are mainly of two varieties: wired and wireless. Though older models of home security cameras were mostly wired in nature, wireless cameras are catching on and becoming more popular. They are not only easier to install but also are more flexible in nature and since they operate without wires they remove the issue of space constraints.

Also keep in mind the type of lens that is most suited to your needs. Depending on where the camera is mounted and how much area needs to be covered you need to decide whether the home security camera you choose should have fixed or varifocal lenses.

Also keep in mind that before you install any type of home security camera, especially the small hidden ones, you should be aware of the legal restrictions. According to the legal restrictions, anyone who is recording audio or video in an area needs to alert everybody in the area of the existence of the surveillance camera because otherwise it amounts to punishable offence.


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