Home Improvement Ideas before Winter Sets in

Home Improvement Ideas before Winter Sets in

During warm weather is a great opportunity to dust off your toolkit and tackle those external repair jobs and home improvement tasks.

Home Improvement Ideas before Winter Sets in

Before winter comes, there may be some jobs you’ve been meaning to get done. Jobs like repairing fencing planks, replacing cracked tiles on the roof, remodeling bathroom or kitchen, etc. can finally get checked off your to-do list.

Whenever starting these types of projects, it’s important to have the right tools like a handy oscillating multi-tool and box of appropriate oscillating multi-tool blades to carry out any home improvement task. Here are just a few great uses for an oscillating multi-tool blade.

Window/Door Repairs – Drafty windows during winter let in cold air making it tough and costly to stay warm even with central heating. Sometimes small cracks around the frames or window panes contribute to heat loss during the season and increase utility bills as more power is needed to heat the house.

Carry out a detailed inspection of all windows and doors and if there are any gaps or cracks, reseal them. Wood-framed doors and windows have to be refinished every 3-6 years.

Repair the porch and deck – Inspect the porch railings and deck in detail for loose and warped boards. If the floorboards on the deck or porch are cracked/warped or loose, all you need is a hammer to push the boards back in place or use an oscillating tool with appropriate multi-tool blades to cut off the damaged part and replace it with a new one.

Railings also undergo wear and tear due to exposure to the elements even if it is made of good-quality wood and metal. Those usually only need simple repairs like strengthening their frame screws or resealing cracks. These repairs will give your porch a fresh look and keep in functional in the warmer months.

Bathroom/Kitchen Repairs – Summer is the best time to carry out those long overdue repairs in the kitchen and bathroom. Replacing mildew-ridden tiles, outdated sanitary equipment, rusted taps, and old plumbing are all important for the maintenance of these areas of the home.

Updates like changing tiles, replacing faucets or shower equipment, changing leaky washbasins or rusted plumbing should be done with professional help to avoid problems with your project.

Add extra insulation – If last year’s winter was drafty and cold, then it may be time to add insulation to make the house more comfortable and energy efficient before the upcoming winter hits. Inspect the attic, and add a fresh layer of insulation to prevent loss of heat.

Also, remember to take a look at the insulation in the basement and garage areas to prevent the loss of heat from those areas as well.

Warm weather is a great time to enjoy fun, outdoor activities, but working on home improvement projects is equally important during this time of year. It can add value to your house by improving your living space as well as make sure the home is comfortable and functional in all the seasons and weather that is to come.

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