Home Gym Buying Guide

Home Gym Buying Guide

A home gym provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a complete workout in the comfort of your own home. It is a single type of set-up that offers you the option of performing a number of different exercises such as military presses, crunches, bench presses and weight lifting.

There are a number of different home gyms currently available on the market so it is important to give some thought to the best type of home gym to suit your needs and your goals. The many different types of home gyms focus on different goals, so this should be taken into consideration.

Different options include strength training, endurance training, muscle training and cardiovascular training. Along with fitness goals, you will also need to choose the type of machine that you prefer based on your needs. Finally, you should also consider space and ease of use when selecting a home gym.

Fitness Goals

Home Gym
Home Gym

Strength training machines will help to increase your overall strength while endurance training machines are meant to help improve your endurance or the amount of time that you are able to comfortably work out.

Home gyms that are designed for cardiovascular exercises are geared for strengthening the heart. There are also home gyms that are designed for muscle building and are intended to offer the chance to increase the size and the strength of your muscles.

Type of Machine

One option is the traditional home gym, which is constructed using a single steel frame and different stations for various functions and free weights. Another option is a power rod system, which is constructed of flexible rods that feature varying levels of resistance along with a cable and pulley system.

You can decrease or increase resistance by attaching cables to various rods. This type of system is usually less expensive than a traditional system but is often not as durable. The gravity resistance home gym system utilizes a gliding bench along with a metal frame that is adjustable.

The user lies down on the bench in order to perform different exercises in a variety of positions. You can also use the best home pull up bar as home gym equipment

Ease of Use

If you are new to a home gym, then it is usually best to choose a home gym that is easy to use. One with a simple construction will usually be your best option and will be more encouraging than one with a variety of complicated features.


If you have limited space then it is best to opt for a smaller machine rather than one that will take up a lot of space. The best option for limited space is a power rod gym system.

Rowing Machine Buying Guide

Rowing is an excellent exercise that offers numerous benefits from aerobic fitness. A rowing machine provides you with the opportunity to reap these benefits from indoors while developing your cardio system and giving your overall muscular system a good workout.

A rowing machine is somewhat different from other types of exercise equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills and stair climbing equipment.

The main difference between rowing machines and other types of exercise equipment is the fact that rowing machines offer the opportunity to work out your upper body and your lower body. In addition to the ability to take advantage of a full body aerobic workout on a single machine, a rowing machine also provides less impact than other machines, resulting in less orthopedic trauma on the knees and other areas.

When shopping for a rowing machine, you will need to choose from four different types of rowers. They are magnetic resistance indoor rowers, water rowers, piston-based rowing machines and flywheel rowers.

Magnetic Resistance Indoor Rowers

These types of rowing machines are popular due to their quiet operation and their ability to provide a smooth rowing stroke. A magnetic brake system provides resistance with this machine.

Flywheel Rowing Machines

Flywheel rowing machines are sometimes also known as air rowing machines. This type of rowing machine provides an experience that is most similar to rowing outdoors. Resistance on this machine is provided from the pulling motion and wind. In order to increase the resistance, you will need to pull harder.

The primary advantage to this type of machine is that it offers a rowing stroke that is smooth, continuous and natural.

Water Rowers

Water rowers are good machines for those who regularly participate in rowing outdoors. This type of machine is specially designed to imitate the dynamics of actually rowing through the water. Like the magnetic machine, this type of machine is also known to be quiet in operation.

Piston Based Rowing Machines

Piston-based rowing machines or hydraulic rowing machines are often the best choices if you do not have a lot of space or if you are shopping on a budget. The amount of air that is compressed with the piston or cylinder provides tension with this type of machine.

On most models, it is possible to adjust the fluid or air compression and thus adjust the level of resistance for an easier or more difficult workout.

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