Have you been out there fishing and everyone around you is catching fish and you are not

I think we have all been fishing and run into this problem. With this website, I intend to help you with this problem. This web site is made by a fisherman, for fisherman, and for folks that want to learn better techniques or brush up on their angling skills.

To navigate the site click the nav buttons to the left to get to those main topics or click one of the many text links around the site that will take you to an information page. Every page has the nav buttons on the left, so to get back here just click home.

been out there fishing

When you click on one of the main nav buttons you will get a main page of information about that species of fish. This is good basic info. On that page you will find links to other pages such as rods, reels, lures, bait, recipes, and trips. These pages are where you will get in depth information on these topics such as the best rod’s and reels for that species of fish how to use them, line size etc…The best lures and baits will be in the lures and baits sections. Trips will outline some lodges and good lakes for the species of fish you are interested in. Recipes, fish are very tasty when prepared right so you will find great recipes for the species of fish you are interested in as well as how to clean them.

I’ am an avid fisherman.

I have been at it since I was about 5 years old so that is 40 years of learning that I have under my belt and I still feel like there is lots more to learn. You will learn more of my exploits by joining my Newsletter I will be putting a lot of my own personal experiences in the newsletter (It will probably read like a funny paper).

I have other things that I’ am into such as lure making. I have been interested in making my own products since I was a kid so some of these may show up here on my site a little later in the season, towards spring. For instance I have a killer Musky and Northern lure and it also works great for both large and Smallmouth bass as well.

When I was around 13 I got a fly tying kit for Christmas and started making my own flies. I saved my money from a paper route, odd jobs and from selling my flies in a local tackle store and I bought my self a really nice fly rod and reel and taught myself how to fly cast. I caught some really nice bass and bluegill with flies and poppers I made my self. You can learn more about bass and blluegill in the Bass Tips and Panfish Tips

I have done a lot of Canada fishing

the past seven years. I have caught lots and lots of Walleye and Northern to learn more about these please visit the Walleye Tips and Northern TipsPages. Although I don’t really Musky Fish I did get a nice one a couple of years ago. I did not catch it on Musky tackle! If you want the whole story go to the Musky TipsPage.

I have also caught my share of fair size Catfish, we will cover Catfish fishing on the Catfish Tipspage.

As you can see just from this page I have quite a bit of fishing experience and through this web site I will share my experiences and knowledge with you. I will be bringing you some really good fishing tips, techniques, information, articles, products and stories. I hope you enjoy your experience at Fishing with Tacklemaster and do come back often, as with a site like this, new things are learned, new stories to tell, that stuff has to get up as soon as possible so things may change around here often.

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