Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Monitor Review

Safety is the biggest priority but at a great price is the key. It’s no wonder why parents these days invest in baby monitors just to make sure that they are still able to see their baby wherever they are in the house. But with Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Monitor, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a baby monitor because at $34, you can get all the essentials needed without going overboard.


Graco Secure

Aside from the price which is probably the cheapest on the market, portability and ease of setup are important features. Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Monitor has a very clear sound with absolutely no static at all. But the best feature of this product is that unlike the many expensive baby monitor products, this one has a vibrate mode that will immediately alert you once the baby is crying. At least you’re assured that you will be able to attend to your child instantly.

Further, the recharge alert is very helpful since you don’t have to guess whether the battery is already low or not. This baby monitor is nothing like the other baby products since it comes with a belt clip, designed for active parents or those who move around the house a lot. You are guaranteed that you can hear your baby since the unit can be conveniently attached to yourself, anywhere you may go. And whenever you are out of range, this baby monitor will notify you on that.


Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Monitor is all you need to monitor your baby at anytime of the day. With 2000 foot range for complete household coverage, you’re assured that you can always stay in touch with the baby wherever you are in the house. It also has a secured digital technology for optimal clarity and performance as well as guarantees privacy since it operates on a 900 MHz frequency. This means that there will be no interference from phones and other electronics as well as any wireless network, plus nobody can hear your baby’s cry except you.

Apart from these features, this baby monitor is also equipped with light and exclusive Graco vibration notification technology that alerts you whenever the baby is crying. And the good thing is that this feature can be toggled on or off. And if you’re one of those active parents who likes to go for a run anytime of the day, this baby monitor comes with a belt clip where parents can conveniently wear it around. And it will even alert you when the battery is low, reminding you to charge it.


It can be argued that because of the cheap price, the features of this product are inferior. Absolutely not. While the Secure Coverage Digital Monitor may not be a perfect product, it does need to be improved on. For example, the sound settings can be made louder since there are instances when you might be doing something that you won’t be able to hear that the baby is crying.

It’s a good thing it has a vibrate mode so at least you will be alerted. Also, the light in the monitor is kept on even if the baby is silently sleeping so it can be pretty distracting at times. And compared to the other video monitors, this doesn’t come with a two-way speaker that allows you to talk to your baby even if you’re on the other side of the room.

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