Garden Tip And Ideas I Bet You Never Heard Of

Many garden ideas may not make it on popular ‘how-to’ lists but they can help you improve your gardening skills by using common things around the house.

Bet You Never Heard

Do cats drive you crazy using your garden as their personal littler box? Use plastic forks to deter their little paws from digging. Insert them tines up in the soil surrounding the plants. Use clear plastic so it won’t show.

One way to add nutrients to your soil and be eco friendly in the process is to save the water you cook your vegetables in and add it to the garden. Make sure it has cooled off and there is no meat or fat in it.

When you are ready to start your seeds, use eggshells as little containers. Add your favorite soil mix, plant the seed, and wait for your seedling to grow. When it is ready, just pop seedling and eggshell right into the garden. The calcium from the egg will help your plants and the soil.

Learn how to pinch your herbs to promote new growth and to keep them bushier and less leggy. Just squeeze your fingers together and pinch off the tops when needed.

Mix together a non-toxic solution of one gallon of white vinegar, one cup of table salt and one tablespoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, add to a spray bottle and use it to kill weeds. Take care not to spray on grass or on any plants because it will kill them too. It’s an environmentally friendly way to get your garden weed free.

Large garden pots can be quite heavy between the plants, soil and the little rocks needed for drainage. Instead of rocks, add packing peanuts to the bottom of your pot. It will create drainage and make the pot might lighter to move around. Landscape fabric layered over the top of the peanuts will ensure the soil doesn’t migrate to the bottom.

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