FSBO Tips – Save Money on Real Estate Services by Selling Your Home By Owner

This is Kevin Wood’s famous site chock full of FSBO information to help sellers and buyers save thousands by eliminating unnecessary real estate fees.

FSBO is (sometimes FISBO) is shorthand for “For Sale By Owner” and is pronounced fizbo. It is normally used to describe home owners who sell their homes themselves and don’t use a real estate company when they sell their homes and land. The advertise in FSBO classified ads, use FSBO web sites, and otherwise find ways to sell without agents.

Across the country a growing percentage of homeowners are discovering how easy and economical it is to sell your own home without using real estate agents or brokers. You can save thousands on real estate commissions every time you sell your own house. Some folks manage to eliminate real estate commissions completely by going FSBO.


Is based on the belief that the person most qualified to successfully sell a home is the owner, not a real estate agent or broker.

This site is the creation of Kevin Wood, an ex-REALTOR who got sick and tired of seeing folks hurt by the incompetent real estate agents and sloppy service he experienced so often in the real estate business.

Kevin (who is also known as “The Real Estate Rebel”™) has received many awards for his innovative marketing and top production. He had a lucrative career in the business but felt uncomfortable participating in an industry that he believes does not give folks their money’s worth.

He closed his office and turned to helping folks sell without using a real estate agent. He believes that with the proper knowledge and the right help just about anyone can successfully sell (or buy) without using a real estate company. Kevin believes that an owner can do a better job than many real estate agents.

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