Fetal Baby Heartbeat Monitors Introduction

You may have heard of a baby heartbeat monitor and have wondered what it is. Do you remember the last time that a pregnant mom had to wait for hours just to get an ultrasound? Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to just be able to do that yourself at home “Fetal Baby Heartbeat Monitors Introduction”?

Well, that’s basically what a baby heart monitor does for its user. Simply put, it’s a device that allows parents to listen to the heartbeat of the baby inside mommy’s belly. It’s one of those conveniences that give comfort to parents who are expecting a child in the coming months.

Fetal Baby Heartbeat Monitors Introduction


Before going any further, it should be noted and stressed that using a baby heartbeat monitor should never replace a visit to your doctor or getting an ultrasound. An ultrasound definitely does more than what an infant heart monitor can do. This means that parents shouldn’t skip getting an ultrasound when the doctor schedules one; even if there are no problems with the mother’s pregnancy.


A fetal heart monitor is also a great tool to cement a family’s relationship. If you have older kids who are still figuring out why everyone is so excited about the new baby, they can listen to the little one’s heartbeat and get them excited about the coming baby as well.

The joy and peace of mind these devices have brought is basically the reason why they are so popular nowadays. Doctors don’t use them in their profession. However, they allow a strong bond to form within the family since a newborn is involved.


These devices actually make use of the Doppler Effect. This simply means that the device only converts the pulses from the infant’s heart into audible sounds. Take note that just like any ordinary ultrasound device, infant heartbeat monitors are also used with a gel.

You basically rub the gel around mommy’s belly before using the heartbeat monitor. The gel actually helps make the heartbeats more audible. It should also be noted that if you can’t afford to buy one, you can always rent one.

Baby heartbeat monitor devices vary in cost. Some are more expensive than others. Customers are advised to read product reviews just to make sure that they’re buying a really quality unit. Since these devices are really useful for mothers who have a history of miscarriage, parents should consider getting one if that is the case.

Some of the devices on the market today have some extra features like audio recording for instance. But that makes them pricier. Make sure to balance the cost with features you actually need when you buy an infant heartbeat monitor.

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