Features of Ppt to Dvd Converter Pro

PPT to DVD Converter Pro is a tool for people who require an efficient and creative tool to create DVD quality movies, videos, and presentation. The software enables you to add various types of animation, sound effects, and videos to the slide that you are creating from the photos and videos. This is probably one of a kind tool available for people and the best part is that the software is available for free usage as well.

Features of PPT to DVD Converter Pro

Features of Ppt to Dvd Converter Pro

  • The software makes it possible to convert the PowerPoint presentation to a DVD clip. This clip can be played on various players as well as systems. In addition to this, the software makes it possible to burn 12 Presentations on a single DVD.
  • This is a perfect software for academicians as they can distribute the content to the students with help of this software and in addition to this, the clip you convert from the ppt is secure. It won’t be possible for anyone to modify the ppt.
  • It is also possible to create a menu for playing the content on TV. The menu makes it possible to navigate to the correct time.
  • The software has many effects, fonts, and sound which can be used during the conversion of the clip.
  • You can also add the trademark or logo to the DVD you burn. This ensures that there is no copyright infringement of your content in any form.

These are some of the features of the software and you can download the free version of the software by clicking here. You can install it on any 32-bit version of the windows and convert your presentations to amazing looking clips for educational as well as business purpose.

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