Features of Folder Lock Software

Features of Folder Lock Software

As the name suggests, Folder Lock is used to locking the folders present on your laptop or PC. The software makes it possible to lock files and folders and it also enables the encryption of the data to protect the data from any unauthorized access. It is possible to install the software on 32 bit as well as on 54 bit Windows.

Features of Folder Lock Software

Let us first look at the features of the application to understand the usability of the application

Features of Folder Lock

  • The software makes it possible to lock the files and folder on the PC and Laptop which makes it impossible for someone to access the file or folder without authorization.
  • The software also makes it possible to sync and backup the files encrypted using the software and that is surely an add-on.
  • The software can also help you in locking the USB or external drive. This is an important feature as many times we lose your USB and the feature can protect your photos and important documents from a stranger. It is also possible to lock the external hard drive using the software.
  • The software can run in stealth mode and hence no one will ever know if the software is actually installed on the system or now.
  • It is possible to shred the files using the software which makes it impossible to recover the files from data recovery software. The software also has a function to clean the history stored in windows.
  • You can also save passwords and card details on this application and it is 100% safe to do so.

To use the application, you can simply launch the application and log in using your login id and password. Now from the left-hand pane, you can select the function you perform. This will display the options to locate the file and perform the required operation. The size of the application is about 10 MB and hence it would not occupy a lot of space on the system as well.

Here is the download link to this amazing software. You can click on the link and the download will begin automatically. You can then install the software and enjoy the enhanced security on your device.

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