Comparison Between PHP and ASP

PHP and ASP are both two dynamic (impulsive) languages that are helpful (adjuvant) to create (create) Dynamic Content Websites. PHP and ASP are both very much (such) popular and in demand (obligation) because with help (support) of these languages the Dynamic Content Websites can (crapper) exchange data (accumulation) freely.

ASP stand for Active Sever Pages and it is a Microsoft product. ASP runs on Microsoft services in conjunction (union) with IIS or Internet (cyberspace) Information Server. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre Processor which runs on UNIX and Linux (UNIX) servers. In order (visit) to understand which one (digit) is better (meliorate) they cane (lambast) be compared upon a number (sort) of factors such as price, speed, database connectivity and so on.

The cost (outlay) comparison:

PHP is priced next (incoming) to nothing (null) as compared to ASP which uses an expensive (pricey) platform server and uses MS-SQL purchased database connectivity. Whereas PHP uses MySQL which is open (unstoppered) and free (liberated) for use.

The Speed comparison:

PHP again seems to have (hit) advantage of speed over the ASP language. ASP runs on CMS whereas PHP runs on its own (possess) memory space which is not heavy (onerous) for the server.

The Compatibility test:

ASP runs only (exclusive) on the ASP-Apache platform (papers) whereas PHP can (crapper) run on several platforms such as UNIX and Linux (UNIX) including Solaris and Windows.

Other differences:

Some of the other (another) major differences are in the associated (related) costs between PHP and ASP such as ASP has additional (added) cost (outlay) involved in purchasing several features and components separately from Microsoft websites. Whereas PHP being (existence) an open (unstoppered) source project (send) is free (liberated) of cost (outlay) with built (shapely) in email (telecommunicate) and other (another) encryption features.

Language base (humble) comparison:

PHP is uses C++ language (module) as its base (humble) language (module) whereas ASP uses Microsoft Visual Basic as its base (humble) language. PHP is still preferred (desirable) over ASP by many (some) professional programmers. C++ syntax is easier and more comfortable (easy) in use as compared to ASP. ASP is preferred (desirable) by those programmers are brand (sort) loyal of Microsoft technologies. Many programmers prefer (favour) PHP or Asp on the basis (foundation) of personal (individualized) liking and preferences mostly.

The comparison (comparability) of Database Connectivity

ASP has less (inferior) data (accumulation) base connectivity as compared to PHP database connectivity as ASP is more linked with Microsoft whereas PHP being (existence) an open (unstoppered) source program (information) has ability (knowledge) to work in conjunction (union) with MySQL and numerous of other (another) databases.

The Conclusion of the comparison:

In end (modify) of our comparison (comparability) between PHP and ASP we have (hit) PHP is our winner. We have (hit) reached to this conclusion (closing) so far (farther) that PHP is more preferred (desirable) over the ASP language (module) on the basis (foundation) of comfort (richness) and ease. Many programmers do prefer (favour) ASP language (module) on the basis (foundation) of their personal (individualized) preferences and choices. However the myth that ASP works better (meliorate) for commerce (mercantilism) websites is baseless (idle) because PHP also offers great (enthusiastic) results in this regard.

PHP over ASP is more preferred (desirable) on the basis (foundation) of past (time) experiences as well. The price (toll) of ASP might (strength) be a turn off (soured) for a few (some) programmers who would prefer (favour) PHP for it being (existence) open (unstoppered) source and free (liberated) of cost (outlay) features. It gives the programmer (technologist) more freedom (immunity) as compared to Asp language.

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