Christmas Party with These Fashion Tips

It’s December already, which means it’s not long before everybody’s tree will be festive-fying the house’s of Great Britain. It also means it’s nearly time for plenty of festive celebrations and parties – so it’s time to go Christmas dress shopping! Everybody wants to look amazing at their xmas do, so read these fashion tips to look your best:

Office Christmas Party with These Fashion

Invest in Some Quality Shapewear

Good quality shapewear, no matter your size, can help you to look even better in anything you choose to wear. There are styles to suit every shape and size, plus styles to suit the kind of outfit you’re wearing; whether that’s a stylish pair of trousers and a top or a mini dress. Gok Wan highly recommends good shapewear for important occasions, and even has his own range.

Choose a Statement Piece of Jewellery

One statement piece of jewellery will really finish off an outfit, whether it’s a gorgeous gold bangle or a chunky silver necklace. Sometimes less is more, so if your outfit is quite a statement in itself then you’ll want to keep your jewellery minimal. However, if your outfit is quite simple, a big chunky necklace can make all the difference and literally transform your look.

Experiment With Your Hair and Makeup

What better time to experiment with your hair and makeup than Christmas time? Try out different makeup looks, like bold lipsticks and eyeshadows, and even try different styles with your hair. Why not get a fringe cut in to surprise everyone at the party? Make sure you ask your hairdresser for the style that will suit your face shape best!

Dress for Your Shape

Everyone has a different body shape and type, and certain things we wear can either accentuate our good bits or draw attention to our not so good bits. To look amazing this party season, calculate your body shape with this body shape calculator, and then dress accordingly! There are loads of tutorials on the net. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, as there are load of bargain clothes sites online selling things like cheap high heels!

Get a Gel Manicure

Your nails can make a statement and finish off your outfit. They’re one of the elements, although a small touch, that will make your finished look appear pulled together. A gel manicure is much better than other nail enhancements, as they don’t damage your nails in anyway and keep the look more natural – plus it lasts for 2-3 weeks, way longer than normal nail polish!

Book in For Eyelash Extensions

Your eyes are the window to the soul, so some people say, so you’ll want to enhance them and make them look their best. Book in for eyelash extensions to make a real impact, and either go for the longer lasting, semi-permanent natural looking option, or the fuller more ‘glam’ option that will last a week. You can buy kits to do them yourself at home, but if you’re unsure you’re better seeing a professional. The people at your Christmas party won’t know what’s hit them when you strut through the door!


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