Check Your Spam Folder for Legit Messages

Spam is really annoying and because of this we (and our mail providers) employ all sorts of anti spam filters. While anti-spam filters are a necessity today because of the huge volumes of junk mail we receive all the time, no anti-spam filter is perfect.

It is irritating when you run dozens of antispam filters and still an occasional spam message manages to sneak in. However, the more unpleasant situation arises when legit messages are not delivered to your Inbox but are labeled as spam instead.

While with good anti-spam filters these false positives as they are called technically aren’t a huge percentage, even the best anti-spam filter makes mistakes. This is why, if you don’t want to miss an important email wrongfully classified as spam, you need to check your Spam folder every now and then.

It is best if you check your Spam folder daily but this takes too much time, especially when you have dozens of accounts. Checking your Spam folder 2 or 3 times of week is less time consuming and it decreases the chance to see an urgent email late.

In any case, check your Spam folder at least once in 30 days because for many email providers this is the default period for keeping messages in the Spam folder. After that, the messages are deleted forever, so don’t forget to check your Spam folder frequently.

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