Best Security Cameras – Tips to Getting The Best Ones

With an increased threat of crime the need for the best security cameras has increased significantly. Almost all stores and large buildings are equipped with surveillance camera to deal with the possibility of theft or any other form of crime. Infact gated communities and large chain stores are not the only ones who use surveillance cameras, these days. Because of their massive utility and accessibility video surveillance cameras have made it to the homes of common man. However with hundreds of brands available in the market each claiming to have the best security cameras, choosing one becomes extremely difficult.  Infact what the best security camera is depends on what your specific requirements are and hence there is a lot of planning that needs to be done.

Best Security Cameras

How to Decide Upon the Best Security Cameras?

Deciding which the best security cameras are may not be the easiest task if you have not done the required amount of research. A good and knowledgeable equipment supplier is very essential because he is the one who will help you understand and evaluate your needs and accordingly advise you about what the best security cameras would be for you. A few things that you need to keep in mind would include whether you require indoor or outdoor security cameras and also what kind of security camera you may need as well as the type of lens that you may require.

Best Security Cameras- What Are the Different Types?

Security cameras are of different types and depending on your specific requirements you should make your choice.  Outdoor security cameras are very useful for large stores ad gated communities to monitor people who are coming and going, whilst indoor camera models prove to be the best security cameras within the stores to prevent  theft or shoplifting.  Infact dome shaped and bullet style cameras are very popular within stores as well within office premises.  Outdoor cameras on the other hand have a weatherproof casing as a result of which their cost increases.

Some of the best security cameras are infrared surveillance cameras. They come in very handy in situations when there is very little or no light, because they have inbuilt light sensors as a result of which when the levels of light go below a certain point they automatically switch to night mode.  These are available in both indoor and outdoor varieties but you should know that even if these record color footage during the day, in the night mode the video recording is in the black and white mode.  Their range varies greatly from 20 feet to as high as 300 feet surveillance in high end models.

There is another type of security cameras which look like everyday items but actually have miniature cameras fitted into them. Regular items like a potted plant in front of the door or a clock or even a toy in a child’s room could double up as some of the best security cameras. These are very useful in circumstances where you do not want people to discover that their activities are being recorded.

Types of Lenses in the Best Security Cameras

You need to bear in mind that the lenses of security cameras also vary in their type.  Depending on how far the camera would be mounted from the area required to be covered and whether you want a fixed or a varifocal lens you should decide which are the best security cameras for you.


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