Best Fashion for Women

The average woman spends up to two hours getting herself ready for a night out. So here are some helpful tips to help  you possibly cut that time down.

Fashion for Women
  1. Pick One Color. Just dressing in a top that will go from head to foot will make you look like you’ve lost 10 pounds.
  2. Skip Large Patterns. Small patterns give the illusion that the wearer has a much more delicate look.
  3. Wear The Correct Length Skirt. A skirt that is above the knee will show knees and those elongate legs. Avoid a skirt that is in the midcalf as this shows the widest part of the legs.
  4. Go Vertical. No matter what you wear whether it be pants, shirt dresses or a skirt if they have thin vertical stripes on them they will have the illusion of a longer leaner body.
  5. Choose A Well Proportioned Handbag. Depending on the physical shape of yourself will basically decide for you which purses. Petite woman are suitable for smaller bags however larger woman would suit medium to large bag.
  6. Add Volume. Hair that is lying flat which can make a face look slightly lage rather than wavy hair which can make a face look slimmer.

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