Best Baits to Use for Catfishing

Catching Those Bottom Monsters

While trying to figure out the most effective catfishing methods,you’ll find two factors to take into consideration,the right bait, and the appropriate hook. We are going to go over below the most effective catfishing tips and techniques for catching catfish.


Baits to Use for Catfishing

Smelly Baits Are Good Catfishing Methods

Two of the best baits I use are shrimp and mackerel. They smell terrible but are very appealing to the catfish and if you leave them out in the midday sun a couple of hours before going out you will be much more productive. If you use shrimp for bait, just be sure that the position of the hook is not protruding out so when you set the hook it will embed in the cat’s mouth and not come loose.Implementing the smelly bait is one of the many catfishing methods I use.

You can get great results with mackerel simply because it’s salty and the catfish love it. If you use Mackerel be sure that the hook is thoroughly attached so that it does not come off when you cast your line.

Providing the right catfishing bait is what will determine how successful you are. For catfish, which feed mainly by smell and taste, it is using the right type to catch more fish! In spite of the never-ending number of choices that are available to fishermen, specific baits do usually outshine others. In opting for a catfishing bait, let us discuss the best 3 on the list.

Chicken Liver-Superb Catfishing Bait

Chicken liver is absolutely a superb inexpensive catfishing bait. Along with their tough, meaty smell, chicken liver draw cats from great distances. As soon as the cats locate your bait,they have a hard time resisting it. Beef and chicken liver usually don’t catch the absolute biggest cats. On the other hand,for smaller channel cats up to about 10 pounds, chicken liver is very productive.

Dip Baits-Secret Recipe Catfishing Bait

These are well-guarded secret catfishing bait recipes that have been passed on from one generation to another, and many fisherman just create their own catfish dip baits quickly and easily. Most cat fisherman usually just buy the recommended brand at the bait store. Whether homemade or store bought, dip baits are gooey mixtures that commonly smell unpleasant,but catfish really respond to them.Even though all dip baits smell bad, a nasty smell is not the only basis for good baits. A dip bait should  have a cheese base and some sort of protein in it. Dough balls, are usually not as foul smelling but some cats prefer sweeter baits.

Crawfish-Top Catfishing Bait

Crawfish is my favorite and one that may get you the most cats while chicken liver is the most recognized in the catfishing bait group. All main types of catfish feed on crawfish, nevertheless,most flatheads captured on craws aren’t the typical giants.For fishing in creeks and small rivers, crawfish rank amongst the finest baits.You may either bounce live crawdads around the bottom applying split shot rigs or adding  a little bulkier weight depending on the current.You will be more successful with live craws as opposed to dead ones and the bigger the better. Anglers who are fishing for flatheads should  put baits around the thickest cover available but have strong enough tackle to hoist them in.When you talk about catfishing bait crawfish are at the top of the list.

My Catfishing Methods That Work

Liver is another bait that is very popular with catfishing and another one of my favorite catfishing methods to use. Whatever is readily available at your local supermarket or bait store,it doesn’t really matter whether it’s beef or chicken. Again leaving the liver out in the sun a couple of hours can give it a very appealing scent to the catfish, as you probably are aware,catfish can’t resist something that smells really bad!

Garlic Salt is also a good ingredient that many fishermen use to put on liver to give it a more powerful smell. You will have a busy day of catching catfish just by using as I said earlier nasty smelling bait.

Use Panty Hose For Productive Catfishing Methods

A simple tip is putting your chicken liver in the end of a pantyhose and cutting the pantyhose,then tying it around the hook to keep it secure. Put a handful of garlic salt on the liver and then rub it all over.Use latex gloves if you are squeamish and don’t won’t your hands to smell as bad as the bait. You can put the liver in the refrigerator for a few hours and the garlic will saturate into the meat. Just remember the smellier the better for the most productive catfishing methods.

Any catfishing technique is not complete unless your using the appropriate catfishing  hook for your bait. Your bait will certainly come off when casting  and you will be left waiting for fish to bite with no bait. Treble hooks are successful in keeping the bait on better and there is considerably less chance of it coming off. A fisherman can purchase treble hooks with tiny springs that keep the bait on but these are not cheap. If a person baits the hook the right way,a no. 5 or no.6 treble hook will accomplish the task of catching big cats consistently.

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