Bachelor parties are traditional male excursions of fun and frivolity that give the term male bonding a new meaning! Make it fun, exotic, erotic, crazy, wild, adventurous, competitive and let the true party animal come out. Men love to let loose. They have to hold themselves back at work and home so when the guys get together it’s a true ritual!

Before you embark on your party planning stag bash be sure to take the groom and the bride into consideration. Know the victim and his spouse well enough so you don’t cause any problems by providing a nude dancer if the groom will get killed by the bride if she finds out!

1. Play it safe and rent a limo, take the groom and his friends out for a night on the town. You’ll make it an evening that all can remember and you won’t have to worry about drinking and driving. Make different stops at fun party locations or nightspots, go to a bar with exotic dancers, or take the guys out to dinner. Buy some cigars or party gifts and get the guys into the mood.

2. Have a party at home and rent a large inflatable such as a bungie run, joust, play human bowling or climb a rock wall. Guys love competition. Finish off your athletic challenges with a catered dinner, beautiful waitresses (maybe even topless ones), a sexy female bartender, and then bring in a stripper, bellydancer, or exotic dancer. Your victim of course is the groom so be sure to give the entertainer lots of personal information!

3. Rent a yacht and have the girls rent another boat.

The guys will party hearty and think they’re all alone on the high seas. All of a sudden they’re approached by an oncoming vessel. Ahoy! They’re being attacked by a band of female pirates.

4. Go see some mudwrestling. Call some models and have the girls escort the guys on their bachelor party excursion.

4. Decorate your party location in a particular theme. Ask all of the guys to wear costumes. Invite costumed party guests (women, or course) who crash the party. Damsels in distress who have car trouble, female amazons who raid the party, cheerleaders from the local football team looking for recruits, etc. Get creative, make it fun and come up with some new ideas.

5. To play it really safe you can involve the girl friends and the bride in your party planning activities. The bride could even dress up like someone else and pretend to be a stripper for the groom. Of course she can tantalize him and play up to him. Maybe you should surprise the groom by putting him in a chair, blindfolding him and let him guess who the entertainer is. Have the girl friends take turns dancing in front of him. Hopefully he’ll know the bride when it’s her turn!

6. Make a reservation at a paintball field and take the groom on a weekend adventure.

No matter how crazy you get always remember to be responsible and safe!

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