Apple IOS 11 : What you can do when your phone apps became obsolete

Apple IOS11 : What you can do when your phone apps became obsolete

Did you know that tech giant Apple has released an advanced tool to highlight apps which is obsolete? It is bit difficult to determine if the application which you would like to download in the play store will support your iPhone because it is not open source software. So, you need to check each and every app before installing. Recently, Apple has revealed that your iPhone does not support 32-bit apps because the entire App store has been moved to the 64-bit system. If any of your apps do not work and you would like to know which application is no longer support your iPhone, we will get you an excellent way to determine if any of the iPhone apps are affected, and what you should do when they became obsolete.

When an app has been installed recently, you don’t need to worry as those apps are mostly updated already. However, some of the older or smaller apps will increase the complications. So, you need to go for the older one first.

If any of your favorite apps have not been updated since 2016, then they will become obsolete. Apple is about to roll the new ios 11 in about six months. Hence, it is decided to remove support for all the apps which do not run on the 64-bit system.

The iPhone that uses 64-bit mode was released in 2013 since then iPhone users can run the app in 64-bit mode. And the updates for those apps ran in 64-bit mode.

The ios version 10.3 makes it simple to highlight the expired apps. In the 10.3 version, just go to the menu item where you can see the option ( Setting> General> About > Application).This menu will help you view all the downloaded applications that don’t use 64-bit mode. When an app doesn’t receive any updates for long, Apple will warn iPhone users “contact the iPhone app developer when no update is there”.

So, if you own an iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 or 4th generation iPad, consider upgrading to the new system or try using other platforms such as windows and Android. Interestingly, these three iPhone devices were built on the 32-bit model. Since the app store has moved to the 64-bit architecture, you should upgrade your phone or remove the apps which have become obsolete. Hope you have enjoyed this article.

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