Air Compressor For Framing Nailer

About The Air Compressor For Framing Nailer

Air Compressor For Framing Nailer- Before buying an air compressor for your nailer, you need to consider certain things. Well, these things are one-time-investment, so you have to make sure that it serves the purpose for a long time. You can also buy a combo kit, but it may have some tools that you don’t need. Thus, consider these aspects when you are purchasing an air compressor for your nailers:

  • PSI- Pounds per Square Inch

The force and the pressure of the air compressor are known as PSI. The higher the PSI, the larger volume of air will be compressed in the tank. So, it is significant to look for the PSI rating.

  • CFM- Cubic feet per minute

It is the most significant thing that you need to take care of. The speed of the supply of the air from the small compressor is dependent on CFM. If your tool needs faster air than the capability of the compressor, you have to wait a bit.

  • Size of the tank is also important

Gallon is the measurement unit, which is used to determine the size of the tank of the air compressor. Being intermittent tools, air compressors don’t need large tanks. 1 to 20 gallons tank will do the needful.

  • Size of the air compressors

Compared to other nail guns, framing nail guns need the most air pressure. This is because they use the nails sized between 2 to 3.5 inches. The PSI range will be between 100 PSI to 130 PSI.

So, consider these things while choosing an air compressor for your framing nailer.

What Size Air Compressor For Framing Nailer

Air Compressor For Framing Nailer
Air Compressor For Framing Nailer

Whenever you will go out to shop for an air compressor for the framing nailers, you may get confused. You will get numerous specifications like 2 hp, 3 gallon, 130 PSI, 2.8 cfm, 73 db and more. Well, you don’t have to get confused anymore as we are going to discuss it.

Size of the tank is important

Most of the times, the air compressors for framing nailers ranges between 1 gallon to 6 gallons. In case of larger tanks, they hold more air. Also, they will help you to utilize more air before the motor gets in the place to refill the tank.

PSI is not that significant

In case of PSI, most compressors provide sufficient pressure for the task. So, you can consider pounds per square inch is not that substantial. But it will be beneficial for you if the pressure is a bit high. It will let the smaller tanks to work as bigger tanks.

The loudness of the compressor

The noise or the loudness varies between 60 to 87 decibels. It may seem that the difference is not that high, but they are quite different. The decibel scale is not like other scales, which you are used to.

Portability of the compressor

While judging the portability, judging the weight only is not enough. You also have to look for the shape of the compressor. You can carry a slim compressor quite effortlessly, but the wide ones are comparatively tough to carry.

So, these are the sizes to consider while shopping for an air compressor for framing nails.

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For A Brad Nailer?

It is very important to buy a Brad nailer and air compressor if you are a DIYer. Without these tools, it will be hard for you to conduct your DIY things. So, hurry up and opt for all these essential tools. Also, let us determine the size of the air compressors that you need for a Brad Nailer.

  • PSI and CFM

You have to make sure to match the PSI and CFM factors for your air compressor. You will get those specifications in all the tools and compressors. You also have to take care of the size of the tank as it will determine the usage of the compressor.

  • What is the size of the compressor for a Brad Nailer?

Well, Brad nailers use the minimal of the air requirements. For Brad nailers, you can get done with 60 PSI and only 1 cubic foot meter of airflow.  Before buying, double check the rating.

  • Measurement of the Brad nailers

Most of the times, Brad nailers are required for DIY projects. And in the majority of the cases, you don’t need Brad Nailers, which will shoot more than 2” Brads. So, select a nailer that doesn’t shoot more than 2” Brads.

  • Significance of a small air compressor

Surprisingly, compressors are quite heavy. It will be tiring for you if you have to move 50-pound compressor each and every time. So, choosing a small compressor will help you to move your compressor effortlessly.

Therefore, you have to look for these sizes if you are looking for an air compressor for Brad nailers.

Can I Use Framing Nailer For Siding?

Well, yes, you can use a framing nailerfor the purpose of siding installation. But, if you want to use framing nailer for siding installation you have to make sure you are using it long enough for your exterior wood sheathing. But, it is recommending to use a siding nail gun for the purpose of siding information.

Difference between siding and framing nail guns

Let us discuss the primary difference between the siding and the framing nail guns. These are the basic difference between these two.

Intent design

Design is one of the key differences between siding and framing nail guns. Framing nailer connects two-by-four for the purpose of framing the house.  On the other hand, a siding nailer serves the purpose of installing the siding on the side of the house.


It is a very obvious difference between the nailers. Framing nailers are bit heavier compared to the siding nailer. Framing nailer weighs between 9 and 10 pounds and siding nailer is six pounds.

Nails used

Nail sizes of the framing nails are 3 to 4 inches and the siding nails are comparatively smaller- 1 ¼ inches to 2 ½ inches.

Cost comparison

There is a significant difference between framing nailer and siding nailer. Compared to the framing nailers, the siding nailers are a bit costly. The cost of the nailers depends on the size and the models of the nailers.

So, these are some of the differences between the side nailers and the framing nailers.


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