5 Best Gift Ideas for Your Top Employees this Month

5 Best Gift Ideas for Your Top Employees this Month

Employees are the most valuable assets of a company; they represent its culture, spirit, and brand. Therefore, it is imperative employers show appreciation towards their employees for their contributions.

Woman holding a gift box in a gesture of giving.
Woman holding a gift box in a gesture of giving.

Giving them thoughtful gifts and awards can be one way to show appreciation and keep employees motivated. Sometimes, and with a little subtlety, this could also be used to promote your brand. Here are some smart gifting ideas to show appreciation to top employees for their generous contribution to your organization.

Office Stationery and Office Items

Gifts of appreciation should be memorable and worth cherishing even after an employee leaves the organization. Office items can be both memorable and functional.

They remain at the work desk and can serve as a daily reminder to your staff about how much their work is appreciated. You can choose from a large range of items like desktop accessories, magnets, personalized stationery, ceramic mugs, and small office gadgets like digital table clocks.

Photo Frames

Be creative when designing appreciation gifts for your top employees to make them feel special. Get specialists like portrait makers or caricaturists to develop artwork which can be framed.

These caricatures can show how the employee has progressed through their years or can be portraits of employees with their colleagues. Frame these pictures/caricatures and gift them to the employee on a special occasion to honor their years of service.

Kitchen Accessories and Tools

Use this opportunity to show employees that you care about their personal hobbies and preferences by finding out if they like to cook or do DIY projects at home.

Select from our wide range of kitchen and bar accessories and tool boxes and get them monogrammed with the employee’s initials and your company logo. They’re a perfect gift and can be used by the employee and his/her family members for several years.

Sports Equipment

In today’s health-conscious world, almost everyone is engaged in sports or athletic activities. Find out which sports activity is appreciated by your employee and gift them items related to that sport. Items like personal fitness kits, golf gear, yoga mats, and hipster pack and backpacks, etc. are great for a variety of sport-lovers.

If your employees are the type who prefer going to stadiums and games give, them spectator-related products like stadium cushions and foldable chairs. These gifts will be appreciated by staff members who like to spend their leisure hours outdoors.

Automobile Accessories

You are not likely to go wrong with automobile accessories as office gifts. Items like emergency beacons, Swiss Army knives, hammers, ice scrapers, flashlights, and others can be neatly set in a box or organizer and given to a worthy employee.

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