4 Useful Tips for Spotify Fans

4 Useful Tips for Spotify Fans

If you love music, you are most likely using Spotify, the online music streaming service allows users to enjoy millions of tracks on demand without no-ad subscription or for free. With plenty of apps and settings to add up to its functionality in Spotify, you may not be getting the most of it. Take a look at the tips and tricks to get the most of Spotify.

Enjoy Songs with Lyrics

4 Useful Tips for Spotify Fans

Want to prep for the new karaoke song? Go to “App Filter” on the left-hand sidebar, turn the musiXmatch app and see the lyrics of songs as they play in Spotify. There are different apps in “App Finder” menu, such as apps recommended to provide features like a list of curated music from Rolling Stone or Pitchfork.

Organize Music with Folders

One problem with Spotify is that music collections of the people sometimes devolve in a lot of favorite songs and playlists. Be sure to use folders to get more order for the playlists. Get your playlist in order by using folders. Simply go to “File” and “New Playlist folder” on desktop app to create a new folder. Any playlists can be placed you like in the new folder.

Toggle On and Off High-Quality Streaming

If you are using Spotify Premium, you can go to Preferences menu to enable “High-Quality Streaming” on the desktop, playing songs at 320 kbps of bitrate instead of standard 160 kbps. So, everything will sound better.

Songs play at a bit rate of 96 kbps to save data on mobile, by default. You can enhance the bit rate to 160 kbps. If you have a premium version, you can even use 320 kbps. Keep in mind that higher bit rate takes more data.

Add Songs out of Spotify and Enjoy Them Offline

The collection of Spotify is not that comprehensive. But you have the option to add songs from external sources to your library and enjoy them in Spotify. All you need to go to “Preferences” and allow it to show tracks from local sources, such as Downloads folder, iTunes, or specific folders in your computer.  Even if you have a playlist with songs that are not found on Spotify and you have toggled ‘Available Offline’ on at the top, you may download your favorite tracks to enjoy them offline on your device.

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