4 Reasons I Chose to Have a Baby

I Chose to Have a Baby

There are so many reasons to have a baby, but it seems like these days I’m hearing a lot of people talking about why they are choosing not to have a baby. I’d like to share my reasons why I chose to have a baby because I believe there are more reasons to have a baby then to not have a baby. Raising children is rewarding in itself because you are creating a community for yourself, your children and the rest of your family by having children.

It’s important to remember that when you decide to have a baby you are making a choice for yourself on several different levels:

Your immediate satisfaction

This is your desire to have a cute little baby, connect more with your family, and challenge yourself on a whole other level. When I chose to have my daughter I was so excited to challenge myself in something I had never done before. I was truly ready for the next level of my life which for me meant becoming a parent.

A Reason to Make Your Life the Best Possible

One great thing about choosing to have a baby is that your maternal instincts kick in like crazy! When I was pregnant I became obsessed with nesting and creating the best life I possibly could for my little one. This is the great thing that comes with having a baby is that your standards increase, your goals become solidified and you truly have a reason to make your life the best possible life.

Helping your future self

I like to think of the benefits of raising my daughter for my future, as well as present satisfaction. I think of my efforts now (teaching her manners, good behavior, kindness, love and affection) as also paying dividends for our future. I had never considered this before having a child, but I’m realizing the importance now of building your community for your future when you are older and need someone to help take care of you.

Creating your community

When I became a mother I realized I had entered into a brand new club without even meaning to, the “Mommy Group.” This has become the most loving, kind and supportive group of people I have ever been part of! Anytime you meet another woman and you both have kids, immediately you have something you can relate to. It’s literally the biggest community in the world. Having a baby also helps solidify your community with your friends, family and neighbors. When you become a parent, all of a sudden people you didn’t even realize would come to your aid are there helping you and your children out during times of need. It’s really a beautiful thing! Your children also become a source of joy, happiness and meaning for your family, friends and loved ones which only compounds the love and happiness that is possible in your life.

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