10 Top advertising agencies in the world

Top advertising agencies in the world

Our Top 10 Advertising Agencies in the World

Top advertising agencies in the world
Top advertising agencies in the world
  • AMV

Top advertising agencies in the world- This agency has worked on large campaign projects for the likes of Guinness and Walkers Crisps.

  • Deksia

This Michigan based advertising agency focuses on both branding and adverts.

  • Rocket 10

Only founded in 2015, this Moscow based agency is leading the way with their well-rounded marketing offer.

  • Iris

This advertising agency focuses on speed. They have services like Project 72 and Urgent Genius. These services focus on producing real time content in reaction to trending themes online.

  • Sensis

This advertising agency is considered to be an all-rounder when it comes to available agencies.

  • M&C Saatchi

M&C Saatchi was founded on the idea of Beautiful Simplicity of Thought. Their design ideas and their business structure definitely stand by this concept.

  • BETC

This iconic Paris based agency has worked on projects such as the Dancing Babies for Evian.

  • The & Partnership

They are known for their big and bold advertising campaigns working with brands like Argos and Travelodge. They were the most award agency based in the UK in Cannes Lions 2016.

  • Fallon

Do you remember the drum playing Gorilla advert for Cadbury? Yeah, this lot are the genius’ behind that.

  • Kiosk

This agency has less than 50 staff and has only been up and running for a few years. But this does not mean they are anywhere near short on quality.

Where to Find the Top advertising agencies in the world

Top advertising agencies in the world
Top advertising agencies in the world
  • Look Local

We always recommend looking for advertising agencies that are local to you. This way, you can go into their office and discuss things face to face. It also allows you to consider supporting smaller businesses which may be a more affordable option for you. Whilst cost is something to consider, don’t forget their portfolio is just as important. You want to make sure, whether local or not, that they are great at what they do.

  • Look Online

Doing a quick Google Search will bring up thousands of advertising agencies. We recommend you have a look online just to help see what is out there. But don’t use this as your final decision-making process. This will also help you to see what kind of services different agencies may offer. You will find it can be very different for each organization as some will have areas of specialism.

  • Look at Adverts You Like

Do you see an advert that you really like? Maybe it makes you laugh or it’s something that you just cannot get out of your head. Why not find out which advertising agency is responsible. See what other work they have done; they might be the perfect fit for you.

  • Look at Websites

Once you have narrowed down a few agencies, do some research on their websites. An advertising agency website should provide you with information of campaigns they have worked on. It should be easy to navigate; they are part of the design world after all. It should also inform you of the different service offers available.

Services Provided by Top advertising agencies in the world

  • Advertising and Marketing Plan

The most important role of an advertising agency is to work with you to create a marketing plan. You will discuss branding, image, your business vision and goals for the future. It is basically the planning version of an artist’s mood board to help picture the end result. Advertising agencies will use your brand, your budget and your plan to work on a creative advertising campaign.

  • Visual Elements

Within an advertising agency, there will always be the creative visual elements to consider. With the likes of graphic designers, copywriters and printing as just some of the skills required. These roles are the true artists of the advertising world. These are the crucial elements for any successful advertising campaign, so it relies on a company to have amazing artists.

  • Media Purchasing

An advertising agency will not only help you to create an effective ad campaign, they will also find the space to advertise. They will decide, from their insider knowledge, places and timings for your campaign. This is something that would be very hard to do without the services of an agency. Agencies are aware of pricing structures, timings and the best locations to use as a platform.

  • Web Marketing

Web marketing includes everything from the design all the way through to the analytics. Advertising agencies will monitor the progress of any advertising campaign to modify it if necessary. With web marketing management, you are guaranteed to have a professional website. This is much better than making one yourself which can often reflect poorly on your business.

How Do Top advertising agencies in the world Charge for Services?

  • Commission

Top advertising agencies in the world, Commission based fees are the traditional method for charging. If an advertising campaign costs $100,000 in media content, the agency would charge a percentage. Most commonly, around 15 percent. With the growth in small, independently owned businesses, this approach has become less beneficial for the agency.

  • Per Hour

The most commonly used practice now will be Top advertising agencies in the world charging by the hour of time spent on a project. Then, they charge a markup price of the services acquired. For example, if an agency was to work on a campaign for television. You would be charged the time spent on that campaign, plus the service fee of marketing space with an additional markup price.

  • Project Fees

Project fees can be a popular choice for businesses with an ongoing marketing campaign. Advertising agencies will charge based on a per project system. This means the agency can benefit from the income of your money whilst also continuing to work on your business campaign. This works well for the smaller Top advertising agencies in the world out there; it allows them to generate money without finishing a campaign.

  • Payment by Results

This method can be beneficial to both the user and the agency but can also be rubbish too. This combines all the above approaches of service but takes into consideration the results of the work produced.

A complete gamble, if you ask me. Some campaigns or work completed by an advertising agency could take ten minutes but produce thousands in revenue. Whereas other campaigns could take loads of time but generate barely anything.

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